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Sometimes you can't wait for the group buy.

About GMK.Today

This site is built and maintained by Scott Watermasysk (, Twitter: @scottw Instagram: GordonBoardo). And for those really keeping score, was primarily typed on a Rama M60-A SEQ-2. 😃

There are two common ways to buy a GMK keycap set:

  1. You join a group buy and wait for 4 to 9 months to have your keycaps delivered.
  2. You head over to r/mm (or similar aftermarket) and buy from someone else in the community.

For reasons that go beyond this site, GMK keycap sets are usually not in stock at most retailers.

However, if you know where to look you can find a couple reputable retailers with GMK keycaps in stock. I suspect as the mechanical keyboard community grows, this will change. You will eventually have many non-group buy options.

But for now, I have done the work for you and found quite a few available sets.

If I missed one or perhaps one listed here is now out of stock, please drop me an email at [email protected].