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Sometimes you can't wait for the group buy.

Frequently asked questions

Are you affiliated with any of the sites you link to?

Nope. They all seem swell, but I do not know any one at any of them personally.

Are you affiliated with GMK?


I want to purchase [Insert Name Here] keycap set. I do not see it listed here. How do I buy it?

Your best bet is r/mm. There are increasingly some decent discord servers, but r/mm is simple and consistent. Just be prepared to pay.

I see lots of "GB" links with much cheaper prices, but the keycaps are never available.

GB = "Group Buy". That is the price you would have paid 6 months before the keycaps are available. Now you pay aftermarket prices (unless the keycaps are listed here...and even then it would have been cheaper in the group buy)

GMK keycaps are expensive. Are they worth it?

That is for you to decide. Like everything else in the custom keyboard world, you just have to try it (but, they do make a nice click and clack!)

Your listings are out of date.

Sorry about that. Please shoot me an email at [email protected] This is currently a manual process so there is a chance the data is out of sync.

I have a new listing for you.

Great. Shoot me an email at [email protected]

What are the requirements to be listed?

The only requirement is the base kit must be available for sale. There are no requirements for novelties, spacebars, etc. There are also no listings for keycap sets without the base kit still available.