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GMK Corsa Auto

The Maserati 250F was a racing car made by Maserati in the 1950s. It debuted in the 1954 Grand Prix, driven by J.M. Fangio, and seized first place, making history and rocking the racing world. The 1957 model sported a uniquely colored logo, which formed the basis for the colors of GMK Corsa Auto. Inspired by the spirit of racing, and to pay homage to Maserati and Fangio's exit from the racing scene the year after placing first, GMK Corsa Auto was born.

"Corsa" is an Italian term, meaning "race/racing". Although Corsa Auto may sit still upon your keyboard, the vibrant colors and the spirit of racing they symbolize will be sure to infuse your typing with renewed energy, just like the 250F raced on the tracks of Buenos Aires in the decades past.

Designed by 458.

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